Time – the most important resource – stop wasting it!

Time – time is the most important thing in our lives. None of us gets more time. There is only a limited amount of it available to us. That is why it is perhaps the most limiting of the resources we have. You cannot have more of it. You can only choose where you focus […]

Setting up a business

Starting a new business involves a lot of new things. Our client tells below how he experienced it and what help he got from talousvain.net. We help new entrepreneurs set up their business free of charge. Feel free to contact us! When I started the company five years ago, everything was very new. I had […]

New power and profit for the entrepreneur – seize the opportunities!

The aim of business is to make a profit. It’s not always easy and business can get stuck in a rut. You can’t make a decent profit even if you’re working hard. Maybe competition is also getting tougher and the business is not getting enough orders. You need to innovate and evolve, otherwise your company’s […]