EconomicAcademy gives you the confidence to start a business

TalousAkatemia gives you the confidence to start a business

Support for internationalisation through the cooperation network

We help our customers to expand their operations beyond the borders of Finland through our network of partners. We can help you with issues such as those listed below.

  • Setting up a business in the country of destination
  • Statutory activities, such as bookkeeping and financial statements, as well as the necessary income tax returns and other regulatory reporting.
  • VAT
  • Payroll and payroll services
  • Tax advice and local regulations in action
  • Other support for internationalisation in the target country

If you need help running your business abroad, contact us and we’ll tell you more!

Better results with economic information

Talousavain.net offers more support for business financial management. As our client, you will also have access to Finadeck’s comprehensive software package to budget, monitor, manage, forecast, finance and develop your business easily and cost-effectively.

The reporting software is designed for visual reporting of company financial and business data, such as company ratios and cash flow performance. The reporting software includes an easy-to-use and customisable BI dashboard and a dashboard designed for dimensional tracking.