Light entrepreneurship – threat or opportunity? Experiences of entrepreneurship.

When I started lightweight last November, I was really excited but also nervous, of course. Before I made my decision, I had a lot to think about and a lot of decisions to make. How could I use the knowledge and experience I had gained in the past, and above all; how could I make myself more successful and find new clients? I also had to do the calculations and decide on the hourly rate and make a business plan.

It all started through a series of coincidences.

Last autumn, I mentioned to my current colleague that I was doing some marketing for a clothing company on their Facebook and Instagram pages, and also went to the store to do some decoration. He asked me if I would like to do similar work with him, as his workplace needed a social media person like me. The company didn’t have a regular social media manager yet, even though they desperately needed one. He also mentioned that he was a light entrepreneur and that he invoiced his client through a billing company. After careful consideration, I contacted one of my current clients. We agreed on a monthly number of hours, an hourly rate and my job description. Since 1 November 2017, I have been doing some marketing on the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages, sending newsletters to clients 1-3 times a month and maintaining the website.

In January 2018, I posted a CV on my website about my current job description, looking for new employers. To be honest, I was a bit sceptical about CV-net, but to no avail, as I received a promising job offer that fitted my job description perfectly. As a result, here I am, writing this blog post.

If you are still thinking about becoming a light entrepreneur, do it. Talousavaime’s services will help you keep your costs under control! They have the right tools and software to help you get things running smoothly. So you can do the work you want, wherever you want, whenever you want. It’s perfect for you who’s hungry for new challenges and new work experiences. You have nothing to lose, quite the opposite!