Setting up a business

Starting a new business involves a lot of new things. Our client tells below how he experienced it and what help he got from talousvain.net. We help new entrepreneurs set up their business free of charge. Feel free to contact us!

When I started the company five years ago, everything was very new. I had previously worked in communications and marketing, but I was new to financial management and the business itself and how to set it up.

I was encouraged to contact Talousavaime even before my own business existed. They gave me invaluable support and advice. They advised me to contact the local start-up centre and apply for start-up funding, among other things. Talousavai was involved from the very first steps. They helped me fill in the application form and a comprehensive business plan. Talousavain helped to make realistic budgets, targets and cost calculations. Our cooperation continued after the beginning and I have received help in developing, growing and also other solutions for my business. Talousavain has been closely involved in our five-year journey, seeing us grow, try something new and help us solve problems. In addition, of course, Talousavain is responsible for our accounting and tax planning.Through Talousavain’s electronic accounting system, we also closely monitor our own accounting. We are constantly updated on the situation of the company.

We also use the weekly “Chat” function on the Talousavaime website. It gives us immediate answers to the questions we have. It is really important for us to be able to work with a company where there is no threshold for us to ask stupid questions.