Software and devices

We will help you master the right tools for you. Below are a few examples of solutions.

A smarter way to keep your accounts - try it yourself!

Briox makes it easier for your business to work and for the accountant and entrepreneur to work together.

Finadeckin Raportointiohjelmisto helpottaa yrityksenne taloudellisen tilan seurantaa.

Finadeck’s reporting software makes it easy to monitor the financial health of your business.


  • Dashboard for your company / own companies
  • Dashboard of census objects
  • Key figures and graphs
  • Cash flow statement
  • Tool for industry and competitor benchmarking
  • Valuation tool


  • Performance budgeting and forecasting
  • Balance sheet budgeting
  • How to apply for funding

Try the service for 1 month free of charge!

In future, the reporting tool will start from 19 € / month (VAT 0 %)

This is combined with a financial report, e.g. monthly for 49 € / month.

Tools to support your business

With iZettle, you get everything you need in one place: tools for receiving payments, managing your product range and developing your business. iZettle e-commerce also makes it easy to start selling online. You can run your business from anywhere and see all your sales and products for sale in one place.

Create a free account, download the checkout app and buy iZettle Reader – that’s all you need. Forget binding contracts and hidden fees.


Luovu - electronic travel invoicing system

With Luovu, you can quickly and easily create an electronic travel invoice, attach receipts to the invoice and send the invoice for approval or to your accountant. You can use the Luovu mobile app when you’re on the road and the online service when you’re on your computer, or both together. Download the Luovu travel invoicing system and get a free trial month to see how easy and simple the service is. There is no obligation to sign up.

  • The material presented will be distributed to participants after the training.
  • All course participants can opt to take part in a free analysis of how to organise an efficient financial management of their company.
  • We welcome ideas for training courses that are needed. Feel free to send them in! You can also contact us at talousakatemia@talousavain.net.

Älykäs taloushallinto ja palkat yhdessä

Yksi järjestelmä taloushallintoon, laskutukseen, ostolaskujen käsittelyyn ja palkanlaskentaan, joka on laajennettavissa tarvittavilla lisäpalveluilla sekä kolmannen osapuolen ohjelmistoilla.

Easy payroll in web and mobile

Palkkaus.fi allows you to pay and receive your salary easily and reliably. We can help you pay your wages and also take care of all your payroll administration for you. Focus on developing your business and let us handle your payroll for you.