Help with funding and other challenges

Help with funding and other challenges

Finland's financial situation changed very quickly due to the virus epidemic. serves its customers electronically with years of experience. This is what we already do, taking into account safety and environmental considerations. We are now also helping you build your own company's electronic operating models. This virus does not move electronically, so now is the latest time to introduce electronic financial management and proper tools.

The Finnish state and authorities have already taken significant steps to minimize the economic impact of the epidemic. We will also help you in a difficult situation!

The main focus should now be on the company's cash flow in particular. What are the means of adjustment in terms of costs? What about payment terms for sales and purchases? The utilization of possible debt financing must also be considered. Generally, negotiating in advance will give you the best results. While the situation may seem difficult there are often good solutions to it and working together makes it easier!

The cash flow statement should now be done if it does not already exist. We can also do a cash flow analysis for you so that the right actions can be taken quickly. It is also important now to update the accounts quickly, and here electronic accounting now brings a clear advantage when information is available more quickly. Here you will find the right tools for easy and quick use.

Specific public support and funding opportunities:

- Taxation: It is considered that no overpayments are made in advance. The taxpayer also gives extra time for declarations, payments and is flexible in difficult situations. We can apply for changes to our customers directly from Omaver. On March 25, payment arrangements available to the taxpayer on preferential terms were opened. More information on the Tax Administration's website:

- Ely centers support companies (including business names) in developing their operations. 31.3. applications for special company grants and subsidies were opened. The support is especially targeted at companies with 1-5 employees, regardless of the employment model. Business names are also included. More information from the link below:

- Due to the corona epidemic, Business Finland has opened a special support project, the aim of which is to assist companies in planning and implementing new business. The grants are aimed at companies that employ more than 5 people, but applications can also be made by others. We will help you make the application. More information on Business Finland's website:

- Support for sole proprietors has been directed through municipal employees. The aid is intended in particular to cover rent and other fixed costs in the event of a fall in income due to interest. An entrepreneur is also entitled to unemployment benefits without leaving the company. The search will open soon, more information here:

- Banks are now flexible in credit payments and also provide additional funding. Finnvera is supporting the guarantees, ie Finnvera guarantees - the banks will distribute, as stated by the state. However, the processing time varies.

- If, unfortunately, employees have to be laid off or even laid off, it is important that this is done correctly. Here, too, you can get help from the situation quickly.

The most important thing is to seek support and help in a difficult situation - this situation affects us all. Together this will be clarified and although physical distance is now preferred we can now work electronically to find solutions.

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