Netvisor - an advanced financial management system

Netvisor – get your business under control and save time and effort!

With Netvisor, you focus on the essentials.

Intelligent Financial Management - try it too.

Netvisor is an advanced and domestic financial management system that is suitable for medium-sized and also smaller companies. It includes everything from invoicing, paying a purchase invoice to payroll and reporting travel bills.

Regardless of time and place.
100% online.

Netvisoria works directly in the machine's browser, which always uses the latest version of the software, and no cumbersome updates are required. Through Netvisor's mobile application, the company's business can be handled easily even on the go.

All data in the cloud service is stored on servers in Finland, and thus data security is at an excellent level.

Easily automate billing and accounting

Financial automation can save a lot of time. Automating sending invoices and other routine tasks frees up time for the essentials.

Netvisor adapts to the company's needs and enables both lighter and more comprehensive financial automation. The programme offers versatile integration possibilities, for example, in an online store or storage program. In this way, it is a comprehensive ERP system where all relevant information is readily available in one place.

Track your company's finances in real time with Netvisor.

Current knowledge is an essential basis for decisions. In Netvisor, all important figures are always available in real time.

Drill into the information

See behind the numbers. You can drill down in layers from the income statement or cost center all the way to a single voucher.

The view on the front page can be modified to your liking so that the most important information can be viewed at a glance, for example, on the road. Various reports can also be conveniently driven out of the system.

In Netvisor, information is also easy to share in real time between different parties. For example, employees can enter receipts and approve purchase invoices directly in the system from which they automatically go to the general ledger.

Take care of the company's cash flow without any surprises.

The graphical forecast collects information about receivables, payments and cashiers. You always know your company's payment situation and cash flow for the near future.

We will help you take full advantage of Netvisor!