Better results with financial information

Better results with financial information provides more support for corporate financial management. As a customer, you will also receive Finadeck's comprehensive software package to budget, track, manage, anticipate, finance and develop your business easily and cost-effectively.

The reporting software is designed for visual reporting of the company's financial and business data, such as the company's key figures and the realization of cash flows. The reporting software includes, among other things, an easy-to-use and customizable BI-Dashboard and a Dashboard designed for dimensional tracking.

The financial management software is also designed to make it easier for the company in budgeting, investment planning, financial structure and cash management, and financing. The tools in the balance sheet's investment and divestment plans, as well as depreciation and loan calculators, make it possible to make a cash flow statement conveniently for the future as well as to ensure that the budgeted balance sheet always matches.

All Finadeck software comes standard with tools for industry and competitor comparison and valuation. The software's built-in chat and file sharing functionality is designed to facilitate financial and business communication between companies and the accounting firm.

Our CFO will help you analyze and steer your business information in the right direction. This way we get better profitability and more results.

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