Electronic accounting firm

Sähköinen taloushallinto

Our efficient and high-quality financial management helps the entrepreneur to focus on the essentials. Our electronic accounting keeps the entrepreneur on the map of the status and development of his company. We take care of the company's financial management obligations in a timely manner.

Our professional accountants support good business and quickly generate real-time reports for the entrepreneur. Our accounting services consist of statutory accounting, payroll, payment of purchase invoices, sales invoicing, financial statements and regulatory notices. We use advanced online financial management programs, so they are always easily accessible to the entrepreneur.

We can share the division of labor flexibly together as you wish. If necessary, we also help the company in other ways, including managing the company's small current purchases.

With our help:

  • You save time on tasks that are critical to your own core business
  • You stay on the map of your company's financial situation and receive financial statements on time
  • You get flexible financial management assistance tailored to your business needs
  • Service if required 24/7
  • You easily track the costs of your development projects and easily manage the necessary reports

Our services are suitable for both small and large companies. Welcome as our customer!