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Sähköinen tilitoimisto

Electronic accounting office

Focus on the essentials. Get the best programmes and solutions. Reliable information 24/7.

Neuvonta ja tukipalvelut

Advisory and support services

Legal and tax advice. Business restructuring and valuation and grant applications.

Talouspäällikön palvelut

Services of the Financial Manager

Business development, finance and cash management, and support for start-ups.

Keys to financial management solutions


The perfect solution for you who also wants to do it yourself. We provide flexible assistance as and when you need it. We take care of your monthly accounting, declarations and other obligations. If required, we can also take care of payroll. We provide you with efficient electronic solutions, so that you can also take care of some of the work yourself.


A fixed-price solution for you who want to focus your time on your business and get financial services at a pre-agreed monthly fee. We will take care of your monthly or weekly bookkeeping, regulatory filings and other obligations as agreed. If required, we can also take care of your payroll. You have access to the best software solutions on the market.


A fixed price solution for you who want maximum support or fully outsourced financial management. You also get even stronger decision support. Ideal for a start-up or a growth-oriented company that wants strong support, for example on a daily basis. This allows you to focus on the core activities of your business. The service can also be easily complemented with e-Financial Manager Support and other services. You have access to the best software on the market.


Uuden yrityksen perustaminen

Autamme sinua aloittamaan uuden yrityksen

Varaa konsultaatio

Varaa maksuton taloushallinnon konsultaatio – 30 minuutin tapaaminen, jossa keskustellaan siitä, miten hallita talouttasi.